About & Pack Leaders

About and Pack Leaders

At Doghaven we have a top-notch newly renovated facility that will have your dogs leaping for joy!

After their trail walks and exercise, they can relax in our large 1800 square foot indoor relaxation space. The area is equipped with fresh purified water, air conditioning in the summer, beds, leather couches and flat screen TVs so they can chill out with friends and hang out!

Your dog will frolic with friends on our grassy 85,000 square foot meadow and beach area & our 5000 square foot DOG PARK, always under the supervision of our qualified and trained Pack Leaders.

square foot indoor facility

square foot indoor facility with 5000 square foot Agility and Obstacle Course

About our Pack Leaders


I was born in Kelowna and have lived in Revelstoke, Prince Rupert and Queen Charlotte’s, before settling in Squamish in 1987. I grew up always with animal, whether it was, horses, chickens, geese, ducks, birds dogs and cats. I have always preferred the company of animals to humans, haha!
I have two cattle dogs aka heelers. One red, who’s name is Madeigh (rescue), she is 9 years old, and my other is a blue male and his name is Bandit, 4 years old. I also have cats, one a rescue, Mr. Boo’bers and a female stray, named KitCat.
I started working with Michelle in the fall of 2004 and have been with her and all the dogs since then. It is an honor to have the dog’s trust and unconditional love which is why I love to be with them. I cherish being with the fluffy floofers and cannot imagine not ever working with dogs. I take the upmost pride working with the dogs of Squamish and I absolutely love them all. I have been honored to know so many as puppies and still care for them as the grown to seniors and be with their whole life span. And I will always, always drop what I am doing to greet dogs outside of work. So much so I will be late for things sometimes!
Outside of work I am very active with Crossfit, powerlifting and Strongman competitions and Obstacle Course Racing. I have 2 children and boy, Nolan (12) and girl, Halle (10).
My goal is to one day have enough property to be able to rescue the unwanted senior dogs and give them a peaceful and loving home to pass the last of their time.


Kyanna is a natural pack leader, calm and confident dogs are drawn to her and look to her for leadership. Kyanna loves the outdoors, there is truly nothing better than being outside with your pack!

Desi – Canine Behaviour Consultant & Owner/Operator of Tia’s Misfits

Desi was born and raised in Bern, Switzerland. Her family got their first dog, a St. Bernard named Simba when Desi was 7 years old. However, it wasn’t until Desi started volunteering at animal shelters that she discovered her passion for caring for dogs that were abandoned or unwanted, mostly due to behaviour challenges.

Desi earned a Business Certificate when graduating from the School of Commerce of Bern and shortly after, in 2005, temporarily moved to Canada and spent the next 6 years traveling back and forth between the 2 countries. She decided to adopt a dog when she finally made a permanent move to Squamish in 2011 and ended up with a foster-fail named Tia, who at the time was deemed unadoptable. Desi wanted to better understand how she could help Tia and enrolled in a Canine Behaviour Modification and Training program. Unlike most courses that are taken online, Desi earned her certificate by apprenticing for several years. She has since worked with countless dogs with a variety of behaviour challenges and educates owners, giving them the tools to improve the lives of their four-legged companions.


Miya as a child was always bringing home strays and injured animals to her family home. Animals have always held a special place in her heart. She has longed for a dog as early as she can remember and Watson, her Golden Doodle walked into her life when she was 16 years old. Miya has worked with dogs for almost 6 years and loves every minute of it. Working with dogs is Miya’s passion. She also has a Doberman whom she adopted 4 years ago named Apollo and this has completed her little furry family trio. Miya comes to Doghaven with a completed UC Davis course on dog nutrition. On her spare time she enjoys hiking and loves being in nature

Dogs that come to Doghaven will enjoy outdoor off-leash adventures throughout the incredible trails of Squamish with the option to swim in the river or lakes on hot days.

We offer bike rides & rollerblading for higher energy dogs. We carefully select dogs that work well together and have the same energy levels. We walk dogs in groups of 4 – 6 for safety and quality of care. Your dog is sure to be relaxed, satisfied, well socialized and tired after a fun-filled day at Doghaven.

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