Apply and register

to become a member and receive exclusive perks!”

Apply and register to become a member and receive exclusive perks!

We are proud to be BC’s First Private Dog Daycare Service!

At Doghaven, we believe in maintaining the highest standard of care for your dog and commit to an exceptional level of service. We advocate for our community dogs and believe they are sentient beings who deserve top notch care.
We ensure that every dog we work with has been screened. We also ensure that all registered dogs are well socialized, have basic training, good manners and are happy and healthy. Once your dog has been accepted as a client at Doghaven, you will have 100% access to our dog boarding, daycare, walking services and Covid services. Everything you need in one spot!

Because we cater to all possible needs your dog may have, we appreciate loyalty in return. We ask that you advise us if your dog uses other local Dog Services.

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Apply and register to become a member and receive exclusive perks!

– Access to all services
– A private Facebook Group
– Unlimited daycare, dog walking and boarding
– Access to our NEW DOG PARK!
– Priority access to the Best Behaviorist in town
– Connection to the Best Groomer in town

You will receive the following information when applying to be a member.
1. Welcome email that outlines the next steps to becoming a Doghaven member.
2. Coordinate a meet and greet for your dog and our pack. This includes:
1. A 10 minute meet and greet – this is similar to an energy exchange to ensure that your dog is healthy and well and allows you to see our facility.
3. Set up a first day. This includes a 4 hour assessment where your dog gets assessed (Monday and Wednesdays only) We will have our certified canine behaviorist on site available to join us for this assessment!
We reserve the right to refuse any dog without subject of notice. We may remove dogs from our pack due to excessive barking, separation anxiety, bad manners and any signs of aggression.
Within 3-6 sessions, we will have a definite decision if your dog fits. If we see a change in behaviour after the trial is complete, we have the right to remove them from our pack. We understand that rescues take longer to adopt and we will, of course, stay open to that.
If there are significant changes in the family, or environment – you need to notify us as soon as possible so we can watch for the change in behaviour. If you dog has a funny tummy or is lethargic, please let us know.

We want to set all our dogs up for success! This is why our process is long and vet info is so crucial. At Doghaven, we value honesty and open communication. Let’s be honest. Let’s connect. Let’s speak on behalf of our fur babies. Let’s be their voice. Please keep us informed and we will do the same!

We promote balance; equal parts exercise, play and rest. We pre-screen to ensure that all our dogs are well mannered, well socialized, able to hike off or on leash and who have excellent recall!

We really love what we do here! We really love your dog as if they are our own!

*Due to Covid and the changes in our worlds, Doghaven has decided that we will no longer board any dogs that do not use our services on a regular basis. Our minimum commitment is 3 visits a month.

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