Dog Training

Safety of your dog is our top priority.

Dog Training

We provide comprehensive dog training with an array of obedience training and behaviour modification consultations and classes for your dog or puppy.

At Doghaven, we work with each individual dog to help them learn basic manners, obedience, recall, proper socialization and to better behave in social settings in busy areas with distractions. Contact us today to come in and meet our trainers!

We understand that puppies are highly energetic and can be a handful. Doghaven’s puppy training program is ideal for those who want to start off on the right ‘paw’. Let us help you put your pup on the path to success so they become a confident, happy, balanced and well-behaved dog.

Private Consultations for Dogs with Behavioural Problems.

At Doghaven, we understand that all dogs are different. If your dog is showing signs of aggression towards people or other dogs and exhibiting signs of anxiety along with other problematic behaviours – We can help!

Private Training.

We offer private one on one training with your dog provided by one of our very best trainers; Desi. If you are looking to enroll in this 1.5 hour private session, your dog must first be assessed by Desi to ensure that Desi tailors the training session to suit your dog’s behavioural needs. Please contact us today to learn more and check out Desi’s bio. Appointments for private training are mandatory.

Dog Training Pricing

For all of you puppy behaviour and socialization needs, Doghaven is here to help teach you and your puppy create a strong bond, trust and obedience. We will guide you through our techniques so that you can continue and reinforce the training at home.

Purchase 10 pack of training for $450

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